Low Operating Costs

Switching to solar energy significantly reduce green house gas emissions associated with fossil fuels and nuclear power.


On Grid Solar Panel System

    • Must integrated to PLN grid
    • The energy generated from the solar module is directly streamed to an existing electrical grid.
    • Does not require a battery as energy storage.


Planning & System Engineering

Every masterpiece starts with a great planning. Once we have determined the location, we will create a design that best meets your technical and environmental objectives. Not to forget, we are familiar to coordinate with local people and complete required steps and permits.

Solar System Rental

Thanks to our experience and international network as an IPP developer, we provide financial solution as sustainable as solar energy through solar rental/leasing scheme. With this scheme, we will do the investment on the solar power system and manage the asset, while client should only prepare monthly payment as much as electricity consumed from solar rooftop

Project Management

Our many years of experience working on projects teach us how to manage and finalize our project completely optimized for reliability. We indicate every challenge on the field as early as possible to keep our project right based on technical plan and time schedule.

Component & Technology Selection

To ensure our solar power plant built with very high quality, we only select suppliers that have already achieved best in class excellence in their field and integrate every each component with high quality engineering system.

Installation & Construction

Our installation team are professional and experienced in the industry. Combined with our extensive history of proven solar success, rest assured our system will be optimally installed.

Operations & Maintenance

We believe that we have a professional approach to keep our power plant working in highest level of performance. Through our experience, a comprehensive operations maintenance plan and monitoring system we aim our plant working with zero problem.

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